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“At the Portland Japanese Garden we continue to engage Chef Naoko’s services because we have found the food is always fresh and delicious, the presentation simple, elegant, and perfectly appropriate to each event, and the service exceptional. It is a pleasure to work with Chef Naoko and her team and we would happily, and strongly, recommend them.”

The Portland Japanese Garden


Chef Naoko Catering is a full service caterer with many years experience in Portland catering to weddings, private parties, corporate functions, and non-profit events, both large and small.  Many of our catering customers return to us again and again for their catering needs because they know that they can trust Chef Naoko to help make their event a memorable success.  At Chef Naoko we want our catering to be uniquely suited to your special occasion and we invite you to discuss your needs directly with Naoko, and allow her to propose a menu and catering service which will help you exceed your goals for your special event.


Buffet style catering is our most frequently requested, and some sample menus are shown below.  Many customers request bento style lunches and dinners served in our elegant  red and black lacquer trays, which gives a uniquely Japanese touch to the event.  Chef Naoko can also provide full plated dinner service, passed appetizers, beverage service, and everything needed to suit any event including rentals, flowers, and decorations.  The menus below are provided as samples, based upon previous catering orders, and intended as “food for thought” and to provide some ideas which may be relevant to your own needs.  Chef Naoko would be delighted to suggest a menu to suit your requirements and budget, and to help make your event special.  We can also cater to special dietary requirements or provide options for vegan and gluten free.  

Sample Menus

Hearty Finger Food Appetizers

Fresh cucumber with Ayers Creek Organic Farm homemade chick pea and feta cheese miso (gluten free)
Chef Naoko style variety sushi (with gluten free soy sauce) – includes seasonal vegetable norimaki sushi (gluten free, vegan), wild salmon Norimaki sushi (gluten free) and other seasonal sushi (gluten free)
Spicy beef spring roll
Skewered Ayers Creek Organic Farm black soy bean kuromame (gluten free, vegan)
Skewered Draper Valley chicken with homemade hot pepper teriyaki sauce (gluten free)
Filo with wild mushroom
Japanese style sweet omelet on grilled Chantelle mushroom from Spring Water Farm (gluten free)
Homemade sweet potato chips, kale chips in bamboo cup (gluten free, vegan)
Homemade baked sweet potato (gluten free)

Passed appetizers

Vegetable norimaki sushi (Vegan)
Inari sushi
Skewered grilled teriyaki chicken
Skewered grilled zucchini with shiitake sansho pepper sauce
Skewered grilled tofu with miso sauce (Vegan, GF)
Bite size vegetable egg pie

 Lunch Party Buffet

Slow cooked Carlton pork and steamed organic greens
Skewered wild salmon and shiso leaf panko fry with house tartar sauce
Romaine lettuce and hijiki seaweed salad with house ginger dressing (vegan)
Agedashi Ota tofu with Japanese style shiitake mushroom gravy (vegan)
Chicken vegetable yakisoba noodles 
Zucchini Yakibitashi – grilled zucchini marinade with sesame soy sauce, served cold (vegan)
House pickles (vegan)
House fish broth organic miso soup

North West style Washoku Course Bento Dinner

To Start –
Oregon hazelnut tofu (made from hazelnuts with Yoshino kudzu starch) with hazelnut sauce
Oregon fresh shell oyster ceviche – two kinds
Local asparagus and garlic scape creamy soy milk soup
Main Bento box –
Local beef with early summer herb steak tartar with crostini or roasted herb flavor shoulder of lamb with chili sweet (honey) and sour (orange zest) sesame dipping sauce
Steamed wild halibut with ground red radish and fresh porcini mushroom gravy
Organic green salad
Steamed rice with fava beans, peeled ginger and Oregon Mill olive oil
Dessert – Seasonal sorbet with fresh local fruits
Japanese roasted green tea (caffeine free)

 For more information or to make an appointment to discuss your Catering with Naoko, call:  503-227-4136 or email: 

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