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Chef Naoko has extensive experience serving businesses both here in Portland and in Japan.   Before moving to Portland, Naoko’s catering company in Japan was hired to manage the Hewlett Packard Japan headquarters cafeteria.  HP wanted to provide healthy natural food to their employees as a benefit and to improve health.  Naoko provided daily and affordable natural and organic cuisine to HP’s several hundred staff.  She continues that tradition here in Portland, providing business lunches, event dinners, and staff parties to numerous businesses in the Portland and surrounding areas.  Chef Naoko is currently providing the Delta One Japanese meal options for all daily Delta Air Lines flights from Portland to Tokyo.

Chef Naoko Corporate Customers include (random order):10418191_844366298940762_4771303868781757186_n

Many of our corporate customers choose Chef Naoko special bentos.  These can be prepared either in returnable lacquer bento boxes or in disposable bento trays.  The following are some examples:

Gourmet Catering Menu Examples

Sakura Bento     25

Grilled Natural Chicken with House Teriyaki Sauce
Grilled Wild Salmon with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce
Japanese Style Fried Shrimp with House Tartar Sauce
Ota Tofu with Sweet Japanese Miso Sauce
Organic Seasonal Green Vegetables with Sesame Sauce
Seasonal Green and House Pickle Salad with House Ginger Dressing
Organic Japanese Omelet
Mixed with white and brown rice

Traditional Japanese Bento “UME”     35

Oregon Sirloin Beef Steak
Grilled Seasonal Wild Fish with Local Mushroom and Miso Sauce
Grilled Wild Shrimp
Grilled Seasonal Vegetables
Organic Seasonal Green Vegetables with Sesame Sauce, Aemono
Japanese Style Simmered Seasonal Vegetables, Nimono
Japanese Sweet omelet, Tamagoyaki
Seasonal Mixed rice or mixed with white and brown rice
Japanese Pickles
Miso Soup

For more information or to place an order, please call:  503-227-4136 or email: